My Name is Christian, a High End Retoucher based in San Francisco East Bay. I specialized in beauty, fashion, glamour, portraits and commercial.
I provide digital imaging services to a vary clients worldwide for editorials, commercials and photographers. I do all my best for my client quality and satisfaction.
Retouching is my full time job and I love it , and love to keep working on my client vision, keeping the natural look on the images is my major focus. I am always keeping my rates reasonable and fixable for better satisfaction level.

My studio count with
- XPS servers and mac pro, 24" ultra sharp monitor for high quality color image. Monitor are calibrated to match true colors
- Each server has raid for a faster and safety data.
For Data Transfer I have..
- “Internet Cable” for faster and stable internet connection
- FTP available
- Web host with software that syncs your files online and across your computers
- SkyPe with chatting and teleconference (account: [email protected])
My Work
- I do all my work by hand in order to keep texture. Texture and details are not lost in your images.
- I don’t use any airbrushing techniques to retain a real and quality image.
- I pride myself on being very detail oriented, with affordable prices, fast turnaround time and good communication back and forth for a best image result. I want nothing more than make my clients happy and successful.
How it works
- As soon I am awarded to do your work. (thru e-mail or Skype).
I will send you an invitation to my Web Host account for image transfer.
- Send me the images files either in RAW (CR2) or High Res TIFF, (preferable RAW CR2 files)
- As soon I done the first image I will send you a demo version to verify and make all the adjustments for your needs.
- After all images have been edited, I will upload them to the server in a low resolution for your review and approval.
- When you are 100% satisfied with my work, I will send you a bill thru PayPal and payment should be received ASAP.
- After payment is received, I will upload to the server all High End Images with full access to download them to your computer
Price statement
- My work is for image processed and not hourly.
- I have special prices for quantity and regular clients.
- Because there are different levels of difficulty on Retouching and Manipulation, price can vary for image.
Turn Around time
- Depending quantity of images and detail of work (Basic, Full, Advanced retouch, composition or bulky). It can vary the delivery.
- Approximately delivery
        01 to 10 images - 1 day  
        10 to 30 images - 3 days
- Composition may take a little longer depending of difficulty.
- Thru PayPal
Prices and Details
* COLOR CORRECTION (Lightroom) - $1 -  $0.50 per image in bulk (50+ images)
- Lighting/Color Correction
* BASIC RETOUCH -  $10 -  $8/per image in bulk (10+ images)
- Lighting/Color Correction, Smooth Skin, Sharpening * FULL RETOUCH - $20 - $18/per image in bulk (10+ images)
- Include Basic Retouch plus
- Remove of imperfections, Remove blemishes, Basic Make-up, Red Eye Removal, Teeth Whitening, Hair Color, Eye Color, Contrast

* ADVANCED RETOUCH - $60 - $55/per image in bulk (10+ images)
- Include Full Retouch Plus
- Tattoo removal, background clean up, clothing alterations, weight reduction, blur effect, Image Crop, Lighting, Sepia, B/W,
* COMPOSITION - $100 to up - $75/per image in bulk (10+ images)
- Include Advanced Retouch Plus
- Multiples Images, background change for scenery, placement of object, models, laying effects, et

PROPOSAL (sample)
5 images Full Retouch = $100  ($20 each)
Delivery : 1 business day
Total Proposal = $100

I'm very interested to work on your project. Please feel free to contact me for any inquiries or a project quote.

look forward to hearing from you
Christian Studios
e-mail: [email protected]
SkyPe: [email protected]